Diversey Cream R7 Non Abrasive Cream Cleanser 5L (5315757)

Versatile, non-abrasive crème cleanser for water resistant hard surfaces. Suitable for use on stainless steel, chrome fixtures, enamel and glazed ceramic tiles.
  • Non-scratch formulation.
  • Ideal viscosity.
  • Pleasant fresh fragrance

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Diversey Cream R7 Non Abrasive Cream Cleanser 5 Litre (5315757)

Diversey R7 Cream Cleanser – Powerful Stain Remover for Australian Workplaces

Looking for a powerful and effective cream cleanser for your workplace? Look no further than Diversey R7 Cream Cleanser! With its quick and easy removal of stubborn soils and stains, this cleanser is perfect for keeping your workplace clean and tidy. Whether you’re cleaning stainless steel and chrome fixtures, enamel, glazed ceramic tiles, or hard-plastic baths, Diversey R7 Cream Cleanser gets the job done. And with its excellent, thorough rinsability, you can be sure that your surfaces will be left looking clean and shiny.

But that’s not all – Diversey R7 Cream Cleanser also comes with color and alphanumeric codes to prevent application mistakes, making it a great choice for busy workplaces where efficiency is key. Plus, with its localised formula, Diversey R7 Cream Cleanser is tailored specifically for Australian workplaces.

So why wait? Try Diversey R7 Cream Cleanser today and see the difference it can make in your workplace!

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