Diversey Glance 5L – Glass Cleaner & Hard Surface (5751153)

Specially formulated ammoniated, non streaking glass cleaner that will clean all glass surfaces and chrome, leaving a smear and streak free finish.

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Diversey Glance 5L – Taski Glance Glass Cleaner & Hard Surface Cleaner (5751153)

Taski Glance is a multi-purpose glass & hard surface cleaner that leaves a smear-free & streak-free finish. It quickly cuts through grease, grime, soap films, fingerprints & smoke films whilst leaving a squeaky clean surface. Taski Glance is a versatile product that can be used on glass & other washable surface such as chrome, stainless steel & laminate surfaces such as countertops.


  • Non streaking, low foaming glass cleaner.
  • Cleans glass, chrome and other hard surfaces.
  • Leaves a smear and streak free finish.


  1. Spray undiluted onto mirrors, windows & any glass or chrome surface.
  2. Polish off with a lint free cloth.
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