Edco Spray Bottle 500ml / 1Litre (41309/41308)

  • Large diameter bottle to prevent tipping over like narrow bottles
  • Measurements are moulded into the bottles to prevent wearing off
  • Available in 1L and 500ml
  • Pair these bottles with triggers (sold separately)

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Edco Spray Bottle. Use these empty bottles to decant large volume liquids into for ease of use.

Spray Bottle is large/wide in diameter which prevents tipping over like other narrow bottles do. Measurements are moulded into the side of the bottle to prevent wearing off like printed measurements will do.

  • Edco Spray Bottle 500ml – Dimensions: W89 x H168mm
  • Edco Spray Bottle¬† 1Litre – Dimensions: W89 x H255mm



500ml, 1Litre

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