Freshwave Air & Surface Spray IAQ 1L Bad Odour Emilinator (O553-12)

Fresh Wave IAQ sprays work by instantly bonding to and eliminating odours that have penetrated or are resting on surfaces. Just spray the affected areas and the odour will be gone instantly.

Fresh Wave IAQ Air and Surface Spray is a natural, non-toxic, biodegradable odour eliminating spray that is safe to use around people and pets. This product can effectively remove odour from any indoor environment without using caustic chemicals or scented masking agents.

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Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface spray provides rapid and targeted bad odour control.

All that is needed for the application of this product is to shake the bottle and spray it into the air or onto water-safe upholstery and fabrics. This product can effectively remove indoor odours caused from smoking, body fluids, animals, food, garbage, mold/mildew, chemicals and paint.

Note this product is available in a variety of sizes including a 1ltr or 5ltr size.

Fresh Wave IAQ is engineered from a unique and simple formula, based on a proprietary blend of plant oils, bio-based surfactant, and water. Each product is environmentally friendly, does not contain harmful VOCs, alcohol, or fragrance, and is safe to use in any commercial environment.

Rather than masking odors, Fresh Wave IAQ absorbs and destroys odors at the molecular level. Not only has the technology behind Fresh Wave IAQ been tested and proven to be effective by academics and independent third parties, its Air & Surface Spray and Gel products have earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s Safer Choice recognition.


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