Oates Toilet Tidy Set – Synthetic Bristle (B-12302)

  • Long handle for getting to hard to reach corners
  • Stiff, durable bristles for removing tough stains easily
  • Comes with inward-facing storage unit
  • Streamlined and lightweight design
  • Replacement toilet brush: Oates® B-12301

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Oates Toilet Tidy Set – Synthetic Bristle (B-12302)

Oates Toilet Brush – Tough on Stains, Easy on Your Wallet

Prioritise toilet hygiene with this Oates toilet brush set. Designed to remove tough stains effectively, it is equipped with a long handle to clean hard to reach corners a corner design facing inward for discreet storage – making it ideal for home or office bathrooms and public washrooms.

The Oates Toilet Brush is the perfect tool for keeping your bathroom sparkling clean. With stiff, durable bristles, this brush easily removes even the toughest stains from your toilet bowl. No more scrubbing and scouring for hours on end!

In addition to being an essential cleaning tool, the Oates Toilet Brush is also an affordable one. You won’t have to break the bank to keep your bathroom looking and smelling fresh.

So why wait? Add the Oates Toilet Brush to your cleaning arsenal today and enjoy a sparkling clean bathroom in no time!

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