RapidClean Ecoclean – Heavy Duty Sanitiser 5L (140500)

Ecoclean is a heavy duty cleaner, sanitiser and disinfectant detergent with natural citrus solvents. Ecoclean is environmentally friendly and is an excellent floor cleaner and degreaser suitable for most hard surfaces.

One Step Process
Cleans, sanitises and deodorises in one action
Contains corrosion inhibitors for sensitive metals
Safe on all surfaces to be cleaned.
Heavy duty cleaning action
Assist in removal of fatty, greasy soils
Contains a high level of quat sanitiser
Will clean effectively in heavily soiled conditions
Contains natural citrus solvents and impart a fresh fragrance
Sanitises at economical dose rates.
Phosphate Free formulation
Fully biodegradable
Product registered under Accord’s “Recognised –
Environmental Credentials Scheme”

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RapidClean Ecoclean – Heavy Duty Sanitiser

Ecoclean is a bright yellow liquid combining a heavy duty detergent system with a powerful disinfectant and natural citrus solvents. Ecoclean cleans and sanitisers all surfaces and is safe on all metals including aluminium. Ecoclean can be used for a number of purposes from degreasing equipment, to dissolving cooking oils and baked on grime from kitchen surfaces. It is also an excellent floor cleaner.

Ecoclean can be used on a wide range of applications and include

the following:

Floors – For the mopping of kitchen floors to remove greasy
food soils and associated grime.

Bathrooms – For the removal of body fat and soap scale build

Spray ‘N’ Wipe applications – effectively cleans to a streak
free and antibacterial finish.

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