Sabco MicroFX Hygiene Hook & Loop 40cm (SABC-1302)

  • Bleach resistant to increase bacteria removal efficiency
  • Bleach resistant (damp and/or washing machine)
  • Nylon fibres strands for scrub action
  • Hook & loop 40cm
  • Glides effortlessly over floors
  • Colour coded tags for different area applications
  • Made in Italy
  • Composition: 100% microfibre + nylon fibres strands
  • Especially suited to Health Care industry – Bacteria removal efficiency
  • Any type of floor surface
  • Bleach resistant (pH11)
  • High durability withstands up to 400 washes with bleach or 600 with neutral detergent
  • Machine washable up to 90 degrees
  • SGS Certified
  • Environmental friendly dye

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Sabco MicroFX Hygiene Hook & Loop 40cm SABC-1302

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