Scotchbrite Scourer Dual Hand Pad (96HEX)

Maximize your cleaning efficiency with this Scotch Brite dual purpose scour pad 96HEX! This dual purpose scour pad comes with a yellow side for heavy cleaning while the gray side scours away fine food particles and grease while leaving a clean and polished finish.

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Scotchbrite Scourer Dual Hand Pad

Innovative raised power dots on the yellow side of the pad aggressively cut through baked-on or burnt-on food five times faster than non-3M competitive medium-duty scouring pads. At the same time, the smooth gray side works well for general purpose cleaning. The ergonomic hexagon shape of the pad fits comfortably into the user’s hand, making it easy to clean hard-to-reach areas, no matter which side you’re using!
With this long-lasting souring pad there’s no need to worry about residual food particles – it rinses clean each and every time! The yellow side retains its full scouring power through repeated uses because it’s engineered to prevent large food particles from getting trapped on the pad. Use it on aluminum pots and pans, cooking appliances, utensils, and equipment. This hexagon pad minimizes operator fatigue while making quick work of cleaning up your toughest messes.
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